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The teams are tracked every 30 minutes, unless they are standing still. This map shows their route over the past two weeks. The starting points are marked with a special pin. You can recognize the end points by the blue flag.

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Our cause : Amnesty International


Our team has decided to support Amnesty International. Wherever we travelled we asked people: what can we as Europeans do to help? The answer always was: invest in education. It all starts with awareness and the feeling of connection. If we empower people in developing countries we might just reverse the damage and accelerate technological evolution.


We choose to support Amnesty International as our charity. Why Amnesty? There are plenty of GMOs helping in environmental matters, protecting animal rights and Mother Earth etc. People need help as well, especially those who suffer from poverty, politics, hunger or even war. Amnesty was always there, to protect basic human rights. For me it’s crucial to provide for people, educate them and help them become the best versions of themselves, because maybe, just maybe, they will be helping you one day. Godspeed!

Michał Chowaniec

I’m hungry! For life, adventure, memories and people who have something valuable to share. Hungry for new experiences and reminders of what I really am – a small part of something so much bigger. What better way to feed my hunger than take a long walk immersed in natural wonders? I wish to inspire and motivate people who may lack courage to discover the world out there.

Paweł Kalisz

Well…I’m surprised and excited!:) Dreams come true if you want them to… You can call me a dreamer. Optimistic and full of energy, intuitive and with a big heart for adventure. That’s me!:) The eneloop expedition gives me a chance to push myself and prove once more that we can do much more. The sky is the limit! And to do so while helping? Supporting a charity when having the best time of my life? Life couldn’t get any better!

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