A great green adventure

3 two person teams will each take to the road to walk 3 different routes of 2,100 kilometres across Europe over 120 days, completing 40 tasks along the way and winning a donation of 21,000 Euros for a good cause at the finish. That is what the eneloop expedition 2100 is all about.

How it works

A mighty walk, a tiny footprint

On 23 June 2017 three two person teams will set off, on foot, from a different country (England, Poland or Denmark), on an adventure with a small ecological footprint.

The aim?

To reach Milan on foot by 20 October 2017 with as many points as possible. These points can be earned along the way by performing tasks: 40 in total.

An online fan club

Fans at home can follow everything online: each team will share their daily photos and updates on its Facebook page. You’ll certainly need to gather plenty of followers on that page, as they will help you during your expedition.

In addition to some pocket money and eneloop batteries to use for trading, each team will be given all the necessary equipment, plus a smartphone and a drone.


teams of 2 candidates


days of walking


kilometres across Europe


fun tasks


Everyone’s a winner, but the winning team will be the one with the most points

Each team chooses a green organisation to raise money for – at the end of the adventure eneloop will donate 21,000 Euros to the winning team’s charity and 2,100 Euros to the two organisations selected by the other candidates. On top of the adventures and charitable donations each team to finish will win its entire set of equipment plus a wonderful selection of prizes.

21,000 or 2,100 Euros for a good cause

(resp. the winner or second and third place)

A valuable set of prizes

Each team member shall win a fabulous set of prizes from Panasonic and other sponsors.

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