A great green adventure

3 duo teams will take to the road to walk 3 different routes of 2,100 kilometres across Europe over 120 days, completing 40 tasks along the way and winning a donation of 21,000 Euros for a good cause at the finish. That is what the eneloop expedition 2100 is all about.

Team Yellow

United Kingdom

Organisation: Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN Park

City Stops - 3 of 5
Challenges - 24 of 34
Points - 69 of 156

Team Red


Organisation: Amnesty International

City Stops - 4 of 5
Challenges - 24 of 34
Points - 87 of 156

Team Purple


Organisation: Sorex

City Stops - 3 of 5
Challenges - 24 of 34
Points - 63 of 156

Let's go

Do you wish to know when your team is crossing a city for a City Stop? Or would you like to follow the tasks given to the candidates each week? Join them in their adventures.

This map displays the start and end of the 3 European routes, each marked in the team’s colours, next to their last registered location. You can recognize the end points by the blue flag. The teams are tracked every 30 minutes, unless they are standing still.