Article 1: Organiser, participation and duration

The competition ‘eneloop expedition 2100’, hereinafter referred to as ‘the competition’ or ‘the expedition’ is being organised by PANASONIC ENERGY EUROPE NV, with registered office at Brusselsesteenweg 502, 1731 Zellik, with company registration number 0414.688.361, hereinafter referred to as ‘the organiser’.

The competition is free at no purchase obligation. The competition may not be considered as a game of chance in the sense of Article 2, 1° in the Belgian Law of 7 May 1999 on games of chance, gaming establishments and the protection of players.

Participation in the competition shall only be possible in the manner and using the channels stated in these competition rules.

By signing an individual declaration and by participating in this competition, participants are considered to have accepted these rules unconditionally. The organiser retains the right to change, postpone, shorten, or retract the competition in full or in part, and to publish any changes to the terms of the competition (on should this be reasonably required by the circumstances. This shall not lead to any liability on behalf of the organiser, nor shall it generate any right for participants to receive any compensation or reimbursement.

The competition shall run from 1 February 2017 until 31 December 2017.

Article 2: Candidates for participation

This competition may only be entered by individuals who are officially resident in a European country and are aged eighteen years or older on the day of departure, being 23 June 2017, and who are able to provide valid proof of identity.

Those excluded from participation and not able to enjoy any form of prize whatsoever, whether this be directly or indirectly:

  • those employed by the organiser, its sister companies and suppliers;
  • professional advisors and employees of the sponsors, charities and communication agencies involved in the expedition;
  • family members up to the second generation and those living at the same address of those previously declared ineligible.

Article 3: Selection procedure

Each team shall consist of two people.

The teams will be chosen by a jury, freely selected by the organiser from its marketing department and their communication staff.

A team shall only be considered as definitively registered and accepted for participation once the following steps have been completed:

  1. the team members shall receive a mail from the organiser confirming their correct completion and dispatch of the online registration form 1;
  2. the team members shall receive a mail from the organiser confirming their correct completion and dispatch of the online registration form 2, and shall therefore be among the 5 selected teams;
  3. the team members from the 5 selected teams shall each sign an individual contract within the allotted time, confirming that they are aware of and agree with the competition rules;
  4. the three teams with the highest total score following the first assignment (the sum of scores awarded for creativity and the number of followers) shall receive a mail from the organiser confirming that they are selected and may take part in the competition;

The two remaining teams shall be considered as back-up teams.  These are obliged to remain available and may be called upon at any time to replace a team dropping out of the expedition. The back-up team shall take over the location, Facebook page, organisation and number of points from the team that they are there to replace. The team ending in fourth place after the first assignment shall be the first back-up team to be called.

The organiser expressly retains the right to reject a candidate’s request, without being required to state a reason.

Article 4: Passport & insurance

Participants should be in possession of a valid international passport, which should also be valid on the day upon which participants return from the expedition.

Participants are required to take out their own appropriate insurance covering all personal eventualities (sickness, accident, theft, death, etc.); under no circumstances shall the organisation be held liable in any way.

Each participant is also obliged to take out insurance for the entire duration of the expedition covering his/her civil liability for any damage to persons or goods as a result of the use or possession of materials related to the expedition and for any possible damage to these materials, from fire, theft, misappropriation, vandalism, loss, machine breakdown, collision and the like, leading to the complete or partial damage or destruction of this material.

The insurance contract must be signed with an insurance company approved by the organiser before the expedition begins.

The insurance policy should state that the insurance company agrees to inform the organiser of any cause of whatever kind to suspend, destroy, interrupt, or terminate the insurance contract, and that such a cause shall only affect the organiser at the earliest 15 days after the organiser has been informed in writing by registered post.

Each participant agrees to adhere strictly to the insurance terms and avoid suspension or expiry of the policy at all costs.

Each participant agrees to present the insurance policy together with proof of payment of the premium immediately upon the request to do so by the organiser.

Should the insurance agreement be suspended, terminated, interrupted, or cancelled then the organisation reserves the right to exclude the participant concerned from the competition immediately.

Article 5: Cancellation by the participant

A selected team may cancel its participation in the competition without charge until 20 April 2017 at the latest. Cancellation at a later date shall automatically mean payment to the organiser of fixed damages amounting to EUR 5,000.00 and shall not require a prior notification of default.

In the event of a cancellation, the team shall be required to return all material and accessories provided by the organiser, in perfect working order and condition, complete with all equipment, accessories and documents, to the organiser’s chosen place and at the organiser’s chosen time, and shall be bound to pay all costs of damage related to their own omission.

In the event that just one team member wishes to cancel their registration, then there may be a discussion with the organiser to replace them with another candidate chosen by the team. In this case, the organiser reserves the right to charge any additional costs. The expedition may not be continued with just one team member.

It is not allowed to replace team members during the actual expedition, unless under exceptional circumstances and then only in discussion with and after written agreement from the organiser.

Article 6: The expedition process

The expedition process, plus a number of important practical details, is described in more detail in the appendices to these competition rules.

The organisation has the right to use subcontractors to supply services and goods required by the participants during the course of the expedition.

The organiser’s decisions during the course of the competition, about participation, declaration of the winners, the use of rules and regarding all situations not expressly provided for in these rules are both binding and final.

Should circumstances require, the organiser may also take any decisions that are necessary to ensure the effective progress of this competition. The organiser’s decisions shall be binding and final.

Article 7: Exclusion of participants/teams

The organiser retains the right to exclude participants from the expedition at any time (without being required to state a reason) given any infringement related to one or a number of terms in these rules, or in the event of any abuse, deception, or fraud.

Any participants risking the normal and honest progress of the competition, or acting rudely, dishonestly, impolitely, or violently in any way and on whichever medium, may also be excluded by the organiser.

In the event of a participant publicly opposing the (sustainable) principles held by either the organiser or any of the related environmental organisations, breaking the local rules, or putting at risk the reputation of the organiser, its sponsors, or associated organisations, then the organiser may decide to exclude the team concerned.

The exclusion of one participant shall lead to the exclusion of the entire team from the competition.

In the event of an exclusion, participants shall have no right to any compensation whatsoever.

Article 8: Liability

All participants confirm that they are aware of and agree with the fact that the organiser may not be held liable for any damage of any kind (personal, physical, material, financial, or otherwise) resulting from an incident occurring during their participation in the competition, or in its aftermath.

The organiser shall not be held responsible for any technical issues. In particular, the organiser can under no circumstances be held liable for any disruption in the manner of participation in this competition, based on the nature of the internet.

The organiser may not be held responsible for any of the participant’s words or deeds during the expedition, in whatever form and on whatever medium, regardless of whether these (may) cause legal action.

Printing, spelling, and typing errors, misprints and other errors may not be used as a grounds for claiming liability or demanding other action from the organiser.

Article 9: Facebook guidelines

The competition is not sponsored, endorsed, managed, or associated in any way with Facebook. Facebook is entirely free of all liability to participants in this expedition. Questions, remarks, or complaints about the competition should be directed exclusively to the organiser and not to Facebook.

Participants confirm and guarantee to do the following regarding the content on their official Facebook team page:

  • carry out the promotion themselves without any help from forbidden aids such as automatic robots, services, or other forms of manipulation;
  • only share original creations which do not violate the rights of third parties, including but not limited to copyright, brands and/or publicity rights or privacy rights;
  • remain in accordance with the policy regarding the use of data, declaration of rights and responsibilities, and the guidelines relating to the Facebook community;

All messages from participants on social media shall be in English and shall contain:

  • a hashtag previously determined by the organiser;
  • no other brands than (i) the organiser’s, (ii) the associated charity’s, and (iii) those related to the expedition’s official sponsors;
  • no political or religious statements;
  • no inappropriate, indecent, hateful, racist, unlawful, slanderous content;

In the event that the participants fail to apply the aforementioned rules to the contents of their official Facebook team page, then the organiser shall be independently entitled to remove or adapt messages placed on the page.

Participants are free to use their own social media channels. The organiser is not responsible or liable for this (personal) content.

Article 10: Personal details

Personal details provided by the participants in this competition shall be processed electronically by the organiser. Personal details collected by the organiser about the participants are governed by Article 4 § 1 in the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data. The organiser shall be the one to receive this personal information.

Communication of this information shall expressly be required in order to participate in the competition; refusal to do so shall mean surrendering the chance to participate in the competition and win a prize.

Participation in this competition and the direct or indirect acceptance of a prize, shall expressly confirm a participant’s unconditional acceptance of the collection, registration and storage of his/her personal data.

In accordance with the law, participants may view, adapt, or request the removal of their personal data from the database. In order to do so, they are simply required to contact the organiser’s marketing department at the address stated in Article 1.

Any participant requesting such removal during the course of the competition, accepts that in doing so, their participation shall be terminated automatically since they may not be included in the list of participants without being registered.

Article 11: Participants’ agreement for media purposes and events

Each participant gives the organiser the right to use all information and images and all related components without copyright within the context of the competition for a period of 1 (one) year after uploading. In doing so, he/she shall allow the organiser to make use of this information without owing a fee and shall release the organiser from any liability in its disruption or removal by the organiser or by a third party.

The participant shall also give the organiser the right to use his/her information and/images for commercial purposes (including promotion), for media exploitation (including reproduction rights, depiction rights, and modification rights), for the period of 1 (one) year after its first publication by the organiser, and this without charge and across all European countries.

Participants shall be obliged to collaborate with interviews, events, promotions, etc. related to the expedition. No fee shall be paid for such activity, except for personal transport costs, which shall be agreed with the organiser beforehand. Each team member shall make themselves available to the organiser up until the end of December 2017 and shall certainly be obliged to attend the Initiation Day (planned on 7 June 2017 – awaiting official confirmation) in the office of ARK Communicatie bvba at Gelaagstraat 53a, 9150 Rupelmonde.

Article 12: Communication

All communication and questions related to the competition should be directed to the e-mail address, and shall be answered exclusively by the organisers themselves. The sponsors, participating organisations, and other third parties are not authorised to do so.

Article 13: Complaints

Any complaints concerning this expedition must be submitted in writing by registered post within seven working days to the head office of the communication agency ARK BVBA, at Gelaagstraat 53A, 9150 Rupelmonde Belgium. Complaints will not be discussed nor handled over the telephone. No consideration shall be given to complaints that are not submitted within the allocated time.

Article 14: Miscellaneous

The annulment of a stipulation in the present rules shall not affect the validity of other regulations.

The titles of the articles in these rules have only been added to make it easier to read the rules. Should there be any difficulties in interpreting the titles and clauses, then the titles shall not be used to determine the content of the clauses in the rules.

In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the terms and conditions in the competition rules and explanations or other information related to the expedition – including but not limited to the registration form, POS material, road book, etc. – then the terms and conditions in the present competition rules shall prevail.

Article 15: Applicable law

This competition shall be governed by Belgian law.

In case of disputes, the courts of Dendermonde in the District of East Flanders have sole jurisdiction.


The expedition process

The expedition involves completing a walk across Europe measuring 2,100 (two thousand, one hundred) kilometres, in 120 (one hundred twenty) days. Each team is required to travel together during the entire expedition.

A team is able to win points (see details on the Rewards page) by carrying out assignments given by the organiser (weekly assignments, city challenges, and social media battles).  The organiser shall have exclusive and independent authority in awarding these points. They shall not communicate on the way in which they award these points.

Each team shall be linked to a charity of their own choice, more specifically a European organisation, non-profit organisation, or foundation created under European law and active in a European country, working to care for and/or protect animals, the environment, nature, or the planet in general.

Societies that only organise activities for their own members, political parties, schools, non-profit organisations created by the government, company federations, youth movements, and service clubs shall not be considered.

The organiser shall indicate a number of possible charities. However, teams are also at liberty to propose their own charities. The organiser has the exclusive right to choose the charity to be connected to each team during the expedition. In doing so, it may choose independently and shall not communicate on its reasons to accept or reject a particular charity.

Each team agrees to actively promote both the expedition and its selected charity both online and offline. Teams are required to submit at least one relevant and attractive post per day (i.e. copy, photo, video, anecdote, etc.) on the official Facebook team page, in which both the expedition and the charity are clearly and recognisably supported.

Winners & prizes

The team reaching Milan on 20 October 2017 with the highest number of points shall be declared the winner.

In the event of a draw, the team with the greatest number of followers on their official expedition Facebook team page shall be declared the winner. In the event of a draw in the number of followers, the winner shall be declared by the organiser based on the team’s commitment to their official Facebook team page. The organiser shall make such decisions independently and shall not communicate any details on such matters.

The winning team shall be awarded a cash prize to the value of EUR 21,000.00 (twenty-one thousand euros), which shall be transferred in its entirety to the team’s chosen charity.

The two other teams shall receive a cash prize to the value of EUR 2,100.00 (two thousand, one hundred euros), which shall also be transferred in its entirety to their selected charity.

The organiser agrees to pay these cash prizes directly to the relevant charities by 15 December 2017 at the latest.  However, no interest and/or compensation shall be due in the event of late payment.

In addition, each team member shall win a fabulous set of prizes from Panasonic and other sponsors. The prizes may not be exchanged for cash or any other form of compensation.

The organiser may replace this prize with a comparable prize of equivalent value, should circumstances beyond its control force it to do so. In that event, the winner shall be entitled to this new prize exclusively and may not claim any other compensation. Teams shall receive their equipment together with their set of prizes upon arrival on 20 October 2017, to the extent that this is practically feasible.

The organiser can offer no guarantee whatsoever with regard to a prize, and may not be held responsible for any accidents, theft, loss, costs, or damage either directly or indirectly connected with a prize.

A prize may only be awarded to the winner and may therefore not be transferred to other persons.

Transport – route – material – payment of costs 

Each team is responsible for organising and paying their own transport in their own country to and from the airport or train station at the beginning and end of the expedition. The organiser shall pay further outbound (to Denmark, Poland or the United Kingdom) and homebound travel costs (from Italy).

Some routes are longer than 2,100 km in total, calculated from the starting point to the end point in Milan. In any event, the teams themselves will cover 2,100 km on foot, the remaining distance will be covered using other transport. The organisation shall provide the necessary train tickets to cover certain parts of the route during the expedition.

The organiser has anticipated a pre-determined route for each journey. This route shall be confirmed to participants during the Initiation Day. Each team shall be expected to follow this route during the expedition. It is based on European and national walking trails (E-paths) and has a reference point (location) every 20 to 30 km.

Participants are expected to complete an average of 20 km per day. This distance may vary depending on the nature of the route and the team’s needs, but it is obligatory to cover a minimum of 10 km per day.

In order to be considered for the ranking, each team must reach five control points (City Stops) on specific dates, including the cities in which the candidates are to begin and end their journeys. The specific dates shall be reported by the organisers at the beginning of the expedition.

Each team shall be given a road book at the start of the expedition, in which the expedition shall be explained in detail and includes all practical information (such as assignments, emergency numbers, routes, etc.).

Teams shall be provided with a tracking system that they shall be expected to carry at all times during the trip, partly aimed at helping protect their safety. This system shall also be used for things such as checking the routes followed – in turn providing a kilometre status on the expedition website. The tracking system shall be provided to participants free of charge by the organiser’s track and trace partner and shall remain the organiser’s property at all times. Full compensation of any loss, theft, or damage to the tracking system shall therefore be charged to the participants.

The organiser shall provide each team with a drone and a basic survival kit (including 1 tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 mattresses, 2 backpacks, the appropriate outdoor clothing, shoes, and cooking equipment and food provisions).

During their walk, the teams are to provide their own energy, water, and other requirements.

At the beginning of the expedition, the teams shall be given eneloop batteries (for trading) and devices that work on kinetic and solar energy. During the four City Stops (excluding the finish in Milan), the teams shall be provided with additional food provisions and eneloop batteries.

The organiser shall open a bank account for each team. The organiser shall then deposit a fixed weekly sum of EUR 70.00 (seventy) for personal costs (additional meals, drinks, any hotel accommodation, etc.). Participants will be required to cover any additional expenditure themselves – and under no circumstances shall the participants be able to claim such costs from the organiser. Any remaining budget shall be donated in its entirety to the team’s charity.


Each team shall carry at least one reliable mobile telephone. The number of this telephone shall be passed to the organiser at the beginning of the competition. This device should remain on, allowing the organiser to send messages.

In the event of an emergency, the participants should contact the emergency services as quickly as possible and contact the back office by telephone to give information and to discuss the situation. The time that the team ‘loses’ in such an emergency shall be compensated by the organiser on an independent basis, from the moment that the telephone call is made by the team in distress. The relevant emergency numbers for each country are reported in the road book.

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