Come and support eneloop expedition Team Purple in the City Stop challenges below. Why? Because you too have a green soul and (green) energy to spare. We will not let you return home empty-handed: every participant is rewarded with some fun eneloop gadgets.
Meet you there?

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Schiffstraße 5-9
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


22 September 2017


14:00 – 18:00

Charge up the world

The city challenges are all about generating green energy. We developed 4 eneloop Power Generators especially for the energy challenges. Large or small, every muscle can help us generate more energy. Come and help us charge up the world!

  1. Pedal Power
    Forget about traditional cycling, hand pedalling is the future. Show us what you(r biceps) are made of!
  2. Flash Dance
    Throw your best moves on the dancefloor and let your energy jive to the beat!
  3. Pump it!
    Are you good with a bicycle pump? Excellent. Then let that lightbulb glow like a blacksmith’s forge!
  4. Taiko Master
    Let your inner rock star go wild on the Taiko Drum Masters. Ready to rumble?

The eneloop lightbulb will light up when a challenge has been accomplished, so get buzzin’!

Our partner

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