XIRO is a brand of Shenzhen Zero Technologies Limited, co-founded by Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co. Ltd. and Zero UAV (Beijing) Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd.

XIRO is one of the world’s leading drone pioneers and focuses on the development and manufacturing of consumer smart drones. The word “Zero” originates from the professional term in aerospace technology “return to zero”, which also represents our business principle of pursuing safety and stability in developing our products. Shenzhen Zero owns advanced technologies and is one of the few enterprises specializing in the R&D of six core technologies in the drone industry worldwide – including flight control, gimbal, camera, wireless image transmission, obstacle avoidance and vision recognition.

In February 2015 XIRO released its first consumer drone “XPLORER”, which quickly gained recognition and popularity with its award-winning modular design, professional flight control and gimbal. XIRO strives to develop a global brand, expanding into overseas markets and opening new channels to provide drone products and services worldwide.

XIRO will continue to develop new drone technologies, integrated with distinctive design, to become a leading influence in the drone industry’s development. XIRO will also engage in promoting the industry’s development by initiating more cross-border cooperation to explore various applications and offer users new experiences and ways of entertainment.

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